What is a Health Coach?

A Certified Health Coach provides the private space for you to explore your wellness goals, builds a strategy with you to meet those goals, and supports you through the process of transformation.

bigstock-A-Goal-Without-A-Plan-Is-Just--61832342As your Health Coach, I present a thought-provoking process that will inspire you to explore significant changes in your life. I am trained to ask high-mileage questions and help you identify underlying motivations in your goal setting.  Once your goals are established, I provide ongoing support for your transformation.

My certificate training is based on the knowledge from dozens of some of the country’s finest health and wellness professionals (please see My Background).

Your health is a reflection of three factors: your DNA, early childhood exposures and your lifestyle.  The first two factors are already set in stone by the time we meet, but the third – – your lifestyle – – there’s so much you can do improve and transform the quality of your health through your lifestyle.

What you eat, when you eat, how you connect with others, what invigorates you, how you move, what you do to make money and even how you relax- – – all these factors (and more) can play important roles in supporting or undermining your health and quality of life.

Contact me for a complimentary initial health history!

“I suffered with eosinophilic esophagitis (throat spasm) for decades and no doctor in any discipline could make a whit of difference. Then Celia came along, with her empathetic, supportive, holistic approach, and we healed it through lifestyle and nutrition. She’s amazing.”

– Ethlie Ann Vare, client

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