Are you ready for change?

Every client is different but the timeline for transformation is generally the same. It takes a minimum of six months for clients to achieve their wellness goals and build the strength of repetition to make their health choices routine.

One-On-One Coaching – 12 sessions

From your first official meeting to the twelfth one, I “meet you where you are.”  Together we set the wellness goals you seek and as your health coach, I support you through the process of transformation to achieve those goals. We look at all aspects of your lifestyle –  diet, environment, career, relationships, movement, and spirituality – creating realistic targets and time frames. Adjusting to new behaviors takes time and as you change, we adjust your goals to meet your next challenge. After each session, I provide you with relevant reading materials and exercises to help you further explore your transitions. If you are in Oroville, one of our sessions is offsite – either a Supermarket Health Tour or a Pantry Makeover – your call.

I am your biggest cheerleader, your rock and your accountability coach, helping you meet the health and wellness goals you’ve always wanted to.

We meet ever other week and each session is 50 minutes.  Our meetings are either in my Oroville office or via Skype.

Small Group Coaching – 12 sessions
Services are similar to One-On-One coaching, but in a group setting. Group members participate in accountability coaching.  Small group coaching is ideal for individuals who are comfortable speaking in small groups about personal issues. Reduced rates. Groups are scheduled four times a year: January, April, July, October.

The group meets every two weeks in the Oroville office. Each session is 50 minutes.

Specialty Events

Upon request, I can provide Supermarket Health Tours and Pantry Makeovers.  I also offer one-day seminars on special topics of interest.

Please contact me for pricing on all services.

“Celia is amazing. She helped me identify my goals in a personalized manner tailored to my specific needs and challenges. She is a wonderful health coach who has helped me tremendously. I would definitely recommend her to anyone trying to get their life in order.”

– Rebecca Nadel, client