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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

Professional Training and Certification Program

Certified Health Coach (Graduated June 2016)

My Story

For 35 years, I had a successful career in the record industry despite a serious lack of balance. I worked 70 hours a week, ate out 99% of the time and rarely exercised. Health was something for other people to worry about.  “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” was my motto. Like so many, the fast life caught up with me. In 2003, I began to feel tired. Bone tired.

After 10 years of pain and dozens of doctors, I was correctly diagnosed with Systemic Lupus by the Mayo Clinic. My doctor prescribed the leading medication for the disease. One year later, my quality of life was still impaired, despite my “remission” from lupus.  I realized something else had to change.

My journey helped me understand that I could no longer ignore the relationship between my lifestyle and my health. That what I ate and how I lived made a big difference in how I felt.

I decided to study at IIN to learn how to best take care of myself. What I’ve learned has been life changing for me, and I know it can be for you too.

“I can’t say enough about the quality and value of support I have received working with Celia Hirschman; I feel better, I am more rested and, with her guidance, I was able to make difficult and complicated decisions that saved me much more than the cost of her services.”

– Matt Kramer, client

Celia HirschmanMy Story